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Juneau, Alaska is one of the most beautiful destinations you will ever visit. The area abounds with wildlife such as bears, mountain goats, bald eagles, seals, sea otters, whales and much more. Juneau's historic downtown is filled with gift shops, art galleries and restaurants; as well as sculptures, cruise ships, float planes, museums, historical buildings, and the State Capital. Many area pursuits are reasonable in price or even free.


Population: About 30,200

Temperatures: Average summer temperatures are in the 60's with many days reaching into the high 70's and low 80's. Warmest month on average: July. The Driest months are April, May and June.

Hours of Daylight: Maximum hours around June 21st - 18 hours.

What to Wear:  Dress in layers. A light shirt, short or long sleeved, makes a good first layer. Over that, something for warmth like a sweatshirt, wool sweater or fleece pullover. The ideal outer layer is a light, waterproof jacket. Don't forget sleeveless shirts for the warmer days. If you plan to be out on the beach or hiking in the woods, waterproof boots are the best choice.

Internet & E-mail Access: Juneau's Internet options are fantastic. Fiberoptic lines offer high-speed communications. Beachside Villa Luxury Inn has WiFi in every room.

News: Juneau's cable TV system offers hundreds of channels including all major networks. Most national newspapers are available. The local paper, The Juneau Empire, is published each morning Sunday-Friday.

If something interests you that we haven't listed, or you would like more information, please call us at (907) 463-5531.

"My wife and I had the trip of a lifetime. We saw Eagles on the beach every morning and felt like we were completely emersed in the Alaskan experience"
~ John & Nancy Smith, Detroit, MI
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