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Top Gyms in Juneau (Alaska)

May 8, 2017

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Juneau can be a great place to live, but at times the weather can be a bit prohibitive. After a few days of rain and lousy weather, you need to get out and stretch your muscles. Luckily, Juneau has a decent selection of gyms, with something for everyone.


Arguably the most well established gym in town is The Alaska Club. Indeed, talk to anyone around Juneau, and odds are they’ve done a stint or two at the club. Membership starts at $38 per month, though non-members can still use the facilities for $15 a session. These prices are hard to beat, though The Alaska Club’s biggest draw card is its monopoly on racquet sports, with unrivalled facilities for tennis and racquetball. However, the club isn’t without its critics, and some common complaints include a mediocre vibe, poor ventilation in summer and an unimpressive spa area. Without doubt, the Juneau branch doesn’t hold much of a candle to its bigger sibling in Anchorage. It can also get pretty busy during peak times, and it’s not uncommon to hear complaints about customer service. Having said that, this place offers a reliable mix of facilities and equipment. For the casual gym goer, it’ll cover all your basic needs.


The Alaska Club’s closest competitor is probably Pravitt Health and Fitness. Since 2006, Pravitt has been gaining popularity, largely thanks to its extremely friendly management and outstanding customer service. Their facilities are surprisingly modern and sleek, plus they do some great yoga classes. On top of this, they also offer comprehensive fitness plans, and even have a chiropractor on site. The kids’ area is also pretty good. The one downside is the price tag, with monthly membership staring at $81. Their family membership deals are a little more competitive, though overall you’ll probably pay quite a bit more than over at The Alaska Club.


While The Alaska Club and Pravitt are the two giants, Juneau also has a few other budding gym options. Some of the most popular of these include Goals Gym, Strength and Fitness Alaska, Curves and CrossFit Juneau. Goals is among the newest, and has monthly rates starting at $70. Their strong point is their weight room, which boasts some pretty solid equipment. Their personal trainer also has some positive reviews. Strength and Fitness is a similar deal. It’s less established than The Alaska Club and Pravitt, but has some good facilities and helpful staff. Then there’s Curves, which is the oldest gym in Juneau specifically for women. If you’re tired of being eyed up by guys, then this place is well worth your time. Their membership plans are also surprisingly competitive, starting at $30. Finally, there’s CrossFit. As you’d expect, CrossFit has a big focus on serious training, so be prepared to break a sweat. Whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, right? For newbies, they offer a two week CrossFit fundamentals course for $150, which is a better deal than it sounds. However, if you’re unsure if you’re willing to fork out that much just to get started, then consider taking up their free Saturday morning class, which starts at 9am.

"My wife and I had the trip of a lifetime. We saw Eagles on the beach every morning and felt like we were completely emersed in the Alaskan experience"
~ John & Nancy Smith, Detroit, MI
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