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The Best Souvenirs to Buy in Juneau, Alaska

February 27, 2017

Bed and breakfast Juneau

Alaska’s capital city boats everything you envision about the state’s natural beauty: snowcapped mountain peaks, immense glaciers, and a wide array of wildlife. After your stay in this amazing location, you will certainly want to commemorate your experience with the perfect souvenir. Downtown Juneau, Alaska is the ideal place for you to find hidden treasures and unique souvenirs to bring home to your family and friends. Juneau contains numerous local stores that offer one of a kind items, so you will not have to resort to the generic souvenir “fridge magnet” to commemorate your trip.

Local Art

For those with an eye for art, Juneau shops have stunning collections of locally crafted paintings and other artwork. Juneau’s breathtaking natural landscapes provide artists with the ultimate inspiration for creating masterpieces. You are sure to find paintings that are just as beautiful as the views you beheld during your trip. Other popular art items include sculptures and carved totem poles, both of which make unique gifts, or the perfect decoration for your home. To visit a one of Juneau’s galleries or art shops, go to the Medenhall Valley Shopping District.

Fine Jewelry

Why not commemorate your trip with a beautiful, handcrafted accessory? Juneau has a wide selection of jewelry, suitable for all tastes and styles. Juneau craftsmen are especially renown for their Native Alaska Jewelry, which can be found in popular shops such as Caribou Crossings, The Jade Shop, and The Jewel Box.

Specialty Food and Beverage Items

You loved Juneau’s local cuisine, so bring it home with you. There are many shops that sell food and beverage brands that are unique to this area. For coffee lovers, Heritage Coffee sells their specialty roasts, so you can start each morning like you did when you were in Juneau, Alaska. For those who enjoy beer, the Alaska Brewing Company is the perfect place to grab a pint for the road. Plus, this brewery is sure to satisfy because it has won international awards for its beers. Finally, if you want to bring home the sweeter side of Juneau, then you should purchase one of Alaska Fudge Company’s many delicious fudge flavors. In fact, you may want to bring home extra because you will definitely regret not having more once it is finished.


The Alaska Shirt Company boasts an impressive collection of 100,000 shirts to select from, so you are certain to find an article of clothing that perfectly captures your experience in Alaska.

Handmade Soaps

For a unique souvenir, consider purchasing handmade soaps from Juneau. Glacier Smoothie Soaps has a wide variety of scents. These homemade soaps can be used for yourself, or can make the perfect gift!

When you browse downtown Juneau, you are sure to find the perfect souvenir to commemorate your amazing visit.

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