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Shooting and Archery in Juneau

May 15, 2017

Juneau B&B

Despite being located smack bang in the middle of some of Alaska’s most stunning wilderness, the state capital of Juneau isn’t the best place to pick up hunting gear. It is, after all, a city of only around 31,000 people. Sprawling box malls and superstores are a bit of a rarity in this part of the world, and sometimes even basic gear can be hard to get hold of.

If you’re passing through Juneau, your best bet is to bring everything you’ll need from home. After all, the old scout motto of “Be Prepared” can go a long way in Alaska.

However, if you do need anything, or just want to catch up with local sports people, there are a few options around town.


The Juneau Hunter Education Shooting Complex is the best place to start. Located on Montana Creek Road, the club is a tight knit community of sports people, and has a great community feel. It includes both an archery club and a shooting range.


To start with the lively Juneau Archery Club is open to everyone Monday to Thursday from 6pm to 9pm. Friday night is youth night. Bear in mind the club often closes early on quiet nights, so try to turn up early if you can. Prices start at $8 for non members.


Most of their range masters are NASP certified, so they can usually give you a helping hand if your skills are a bit rusty. They can also offer gear for range use. However, they don’t usually offer hunting classes, which are instead organized through the Alaskan Department of Fish & Game.


If you’d like to pick up your own gear for hunting, then Archery Outfitters at 8465 Old Dairy Road is probably your best option in town. Their claim to fame is being the only authorized sales and service provider in south eastern Alaska for PSE, Genesis and Mathews. They have a pretty good selection of bows, crossbows and other equipment. You can expect to see brands like Mathews, PSE, Alpine, Martin and Genesis. Although there’s a good chance you’ll find more variety back home, Archery Outfitters is good for picking up those little bits and pieces you might have left behind, or somehow lost in transit.


While archers will find plenty of company in Juneau, gun nuts are well and truly in their element around here. Back at the Juneau Hunter Education Shooting Complex, you’ll find an indoor range used by everyone from Scouts earning their first badges, to the local police (and everyone in between). The range is good for .22 caliber rifles and pistols of up to .450 calibers (sorry, no .457 pistols). As a first time visitor, you’ll need to go through a short orientation process, including a safety briefing. Don’t worry though, it’s pretty standard stuff, and you’ll be on the range before you know it.


Finally, for firearm purchases, consider heading over to Juneau Mercantile & Armory. Located at 1720 Crest Street, they sell both new and used firearms. The selection is fine, but the real selling point here are the wonderful owners. They’re very friendly, and can be a big help for anyone new to town.

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