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Floatplane Sightseeing Tours in Juneau

June 6, 2017

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The Alaskan wilderness is a massive, seemingly endless expanse. There’s no better way to take in this enormity than with a floatplane tour. For anyone wondering, a floatplane is a kind of seaplane with pontoons attached. Historically, it’s been a popular mode of transport in Alaska, where the easiest ways to get around have always been by air or sea. Nowadays, floatplanes still provide a great way to see the countryside, and even catch a glimpse of some rare wildlife.


From the state capital of Juneau, there’s plenty of tour operators, with most covering a handful of popular routes.


Alaska Seaplanes

Alaska Seaplanes is arguably one of the more established operators, with two popular tours on offer. The first is the Pack Creek bear tour. This full day tour takes visitors to the majestic Pack Creek Bear Sanctuary. This is probably the most accessible place to see bears near Juneau, and it rarely fails to impress. Since the 1930s, this area has been drawing visitors eager to catch a glimpse of Alaska’s top predator. It’s even considered safe for children above the age of 9.


Alaska Seaplanes also offers one other popular tour. The Waterfall Creek tour takes visitors to the rarely visited Chichagof Island. It’s actually the fifth largest island in the US, and also a great place to see bears. In particular, during season the bears often gather around the island’s Waterfall Creek, which is actually a coastal salmon spawning stream. If you’re lucky, you’re in for some amazing views of bears snatching salmon right out of the water. It’s nothing short of amazing, and well worth the day trip.


Alaska Shore Excursions

Another popular operator is Alaska Shore Excursions. Their signature tour is the Juneau Glacier flightseeing adventure, which takes visitors over the Juneau Icefield. It’s nothing short of breathtaking to see these massive glaciers from the skies. In all, you should see five glaciers, including Norris, the Hole In The Wall, the East, the West, and the biggest of them all, the Taku glacier. They also have a great Ketchikan tour, which takes visitors to the isolated, uninhabited far side of Revillagigedo Island. Once you reach the island, you’ll be treated to an Alaskan feast of wine and Dungeness Crab. It doesn’t get much better than that – unless, you do their Misty Fjords tour. This last tour features one of Alaska’s most epic natural sites, the Misty Fjords National Monument. This is a once in a lifetime experience, and nothing compares to witnessing the sheer wild beauty of the Misty Fjords. It’s an expanse of totally untamed wilderness, replete with ice, waterfalls and untouched forests.


Alaska Seaplane Tours

Not to be confused with Alaska Seaplanes, Alaska Seaplane Tours offers all the popular seaplane adventures. They cover the glaciers, and the Misty Fjord tours mentioned above. They also offer fly-in fishing, which involves a floatplane tour ending with some fishing straight from your seat. It’s a crazy, totally ridiculous idea – and it’s unquestionably one of the coolest things to do around Juneau. Fishing enthusiasts, eat your heart out!

If this is something that may interest you we'll be happy to recommend one during your stay at our lovely Juneau Bed & Breakfast.

"My wife and I had the trip of a lifetime. We saw Eagles on the beach every morning and felt like we were completely emersed in the Alaskan experience"
~ John & Nancy Smith, Detroit, MI
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