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Summer Jobs in Juneau Alaska

April 17, 2017

Moving up north for work might seem daunting, but Alaska’s humble capital of Juneau is a genuinely great place to work. Most people come up here for the big paychecks, but end up staying for the stunning scenery, relaxed pace of life and sense of community.   Most job searchers tend to overlook Juneau for bigger fish like...

The Best Souvenirs to Buy in Juneau, Alaska

February 27, 2017

Alaska’s capital city boats everything you envision about the state’s natural beauty: snowcapped mountain peaks, immense glaciers, and a wide array of wildlife. After your stay in this amazing location, you will certainly want to commemorate your experience with the perfect souvenir. Downtown Juneau, Alaska is the ideal place for...

Exploring Mount Roberts in Juneau: Treks, Trails, and More

February 27, 2017

Enjoy the sublime natural beauty of Juneau, Alaska by partaking in an unforgettable adventure: climbing Mount Roberts! This mountain offers scenic views, challenging trails, and other amenities, ensuring that you have a remarkable experience. Mount Roberts is just east of downtown Juneau, making it easily accessible to visitors. In fact,...

Best Places to Eat in Juneau, Alaska

January 25, 2017

Visitors seeking fresh seafood, breathtaking dining venues, and the finest selection of wines and craft beers, will not be disappointed during their stay in Alaska’s capital.  Indulge in Alaska’s natural beauty and local cuisine all at once… At the Twisted Fish Company Alaskan Grill, diners receive the best of both...

Free Things to Do in Juneau, Alaska

January 25, 2017

Whether you’re interested in nature and wildlife outings, exploring the local art and culture, understanding Juneau’s rich historical background, or all of the above, there is no shortage of sites to explore in Alaska’s capital. Nature and Wildlife Outings Juneau has countless scenic areas where visitors can experience...

Fishing in Juneau Alaska

December 31, 2016

When we think of Alaska, a few different images come to mind: the vast ice fields and glaciers that dominate the extensive landscapes, scenes of bears and other fauna frolicking among the pastures and forests, and-surely the most notorious mental image provoked by the mere mention of Alaska-the cobalt blue waters teeming with innumerable different...

6 Great Day Trips From Juneau, Alaska

December 8, 2016

Alaska is the US’ greatest, most untamed wilderness, and its capital Juneau is the perfect base for the adventure of your life. Juneau is America’s most isolated state capital; it’s only accessible by sea or air, and clings precariously to a mountainside. Between the flocks of cruise boat passengers, it’s generally...

"Loved the Beachside Villa Luxury Inn !!! Was charming, cute and comfortable.
Beautiful view from our room...Easy access to town and actives. Romantic hot-tub with candles and wine. Susan the inn keeper was so friendly and helpful. So much more than we expected...We will stay here again on our next visit to Juneau."
~ Susie S., Chandler, AZ